Mary Ann Pack

Certified DreamBuilder Coach

Phone: (903) 227-0273
Mary Ann Pack

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality...

As a Certified DreamBuilder Coach, Mary Ann Pack can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.

Since 2006, Mary Ann has been working in the life coaching and natural wellness industry helping people create richer, more fulfilling and healthy lives.

Mary Ann is a certified Dream Builder Life Coach, holds a degree in Biblical Studies, with certifications for practitioner of the Law of Attraction and Psych-K. She is a published author, professional speaker and trainer. Mary Ann’s True-Living columns are published in three Texas newspapers in print and online.

As an author of two books, she loves to share her messages of hope and healing to all willing to hear. Her passion has been utilizing alternative healing arts and has been an herbal practitioner for over 20 years when she began the journey of healing her dis-eased body and mindset. She now lives her dream life with her husband, Randy, in rural Texas.

Mary Ann has two grown sons that she home educated through high school graduation. When she and Randy married in February 2012 she was blessed with four bonus children as they blended the two families.

Mary Ann speaks to business, charity and social clubs. She is a trainer and workshop facilitator for businesses, hospitals and churches bringing an inspiring message of creating lives worthy of participants' soul’s purpose. She reminds every one of the importance to share their unique life’s purpose with their world. She offers interactive workshops to inspire, motivate and challenge her audiences to identify their dream, test if it’s right for them, how to sustain success, dissolve resistance to prosperity, override negative beliefs and so much more.

As a life coach offering private and group coaching, Mary Ann utilizes proven in-depth coaching programs that evoke transformation for clients to achieve new heights of success, fulfillment and spiritual awareness. She understands that people may experience a feeling of being stuck in life. As they experience discontentment with where they are now and where they would like to be, this is the opportunity for creating the life they would love to live. Many have experienced a measure of success in their lives, but there’s a longing for something more, something better. Mary Ann supports them to bridge that gap and navigate from the old paradigms (beliefs) into the new as the building of their dream life comes into reality.

Dream – Grow – Live!